Avatar Post 2 - Triumph

Well I just finished watching Avatar, and my hopes for this movie were almost completely realized. In some ways more than. A more beautiful movie arguably doesn't exist... and the emotions portrayed through the 3D characters is nothing short of amazing. I'm going to watch it again before I blather on...but I urge anyone who likes movies to go see it. A masterpiece.


.Brandon.Gilbert. said...

Insane movie. The Na'vi were more real than the human characters.

Anon said...

Hopefully we'll start to see more awesomeness like this movie... it was fantastic.

I'll have to buy the DVD when it comes out.

PBetteo said...

Avatar has it lows, sure, but it rules rules rules.

Ad your illo, my god. No lows there.

Davidser said...

la pelicula sin contar el arte 3D, es muy mala, un guion super pobre, parece una pelicula para niños