So thats the end of lifedrawing classes at Sheridan. I have to say I wish I had done a lot more life drawing in my time here, but I think I have come out of it with a lot more motivation and direction, which is important I think. Here are a couple pieces I did recently, not because they`re good, but because they`re recent.


Winter Fair!

This may be my last year at the Toronto Winter Fair for a while, drawering the aminals. So I was determined to have some fun with it. The sheep pic was the product of that, but I have a few more still rough that I'd like to polish up for a laugh. I'd call this one, as you can guess, "Black Sheep" It was inspired by the clan-member looking outfits they put on the sheep for the cold.


Recent Life Drawings

These are some life drawings I did tonight, and I have to say, I really wish I'd made more of a habit of using my laptop. I'm really starting to like it. But of course, as soon as you think something like that, someone has to go and spoil your fun and kick the cord out of the outlet while you're working away, breaking the prongs clean off the plug end. Yaaaay. So now my laptop's out of commission for a while. These are dedicated to my laptop.


Throwing around ideas...

For Matt and AJ, a boxer. Just a quicky, you guys let me know if you want me to have another go.


4rth year film

I'm almost ready to start animating my film, for which the current title is "Adumu", it means "warriors dance". Here are a few images that should speak to what the film will look like...sorta.


Hans the Butler

Nothing excitingly new, just a couple images...


Girls Girls Girls...

I gotta say, pinups are definitely something that could become a hobby.


Here's some character and sketch work...and an old caricature of me....mad.


Here's another concept for the film, just playing with color.


Sketch Dump

A concept for my 4th year film....
This is part of the subway sketching I do on Sundays with the sketch group organized by Imaginism Studios


Here's an attempt at an old vampire that I did in Sketchbook, and touched in Photoshop