Stoked Stuff

I recently applied to work on the new Fresh show, Stoked, and these were my submissions for the Design and Animation Test. Looking back on them now I think they could use a lot of improvement, but alas the lazyiness, it had its hold on me.

Animation Test - Stoked from Adam Temple on Vimeo.


Action Test in Maya

Here's a 3D test I did recently. It was hard getting used to the rig, so I messed up a lot, but it's one of my only attempts at 3D so far. It was kind of like playing with GI Joes...for hours. Enjoy.

Maya Playblast - Action - 1 from Adam Temple on Vimeo.


Sketchblog posts...

Thanks for all the great comments on the Film everbody! I just wanted to let you know I've joined a Sketchblog that you might like to check out! There are plenty of talented artists and lots of diversity in the posts! These pics are from previous themes on that blog...now I've got to come up with a pirate for this month!