I'm still plugging away at this comic... and I'm workin on a new painting... Hope everyone's havin a good weekend! Night!


Happy Birthday Michele! =3

Just a birthday card I attempted to whip up for my gf. I would love to do a much better job on this, but I haven't painted something complicated in a while! And it takes time I don't have :P Good to get back into color again though.


Can-of-Worms - Now only on its own site!

So that's the end of what I would call a Prologue. If you'd like to see our heroine start her real adventure!...you can always click the title-card-link to the right....which takes you here. 
I hope you've enjoyed it so far!


Can-of-Worms Day 17

Shit just got real! SO the reason I wanted a few days to get this ready is because it took a little more time to ANIMATE her! It was a ton of fun. All drawn in Flash, and the gradients and transparency capabilities, though simple, really came in handy. No compositing! haha Hope y'all like!