Avatar Post 2 - Triumph

Well I just finished watching Avatar, and my hopes for this movie were almost completely realized. In some ways more than. A more beautiful movie arguably doesn't exist... and the emotions portrayed through the 3D characters is nothing short of amazing. I'm going to watch it again before I blather on...but I urge anyone who likes movies to go see it. A masterpiece.


Concept Practice

I'd like to paint more, and this was the result of a little practice the other night, just touched it up now...but I'm done. I hope to do a few more this winter.


Sketch Challenge1

This week I drew something with the Capcom crew for their weekly sketch-off. Every week they sketch/paint something and they pick the best sketch and that person chooses the next weeks' topic. This week was Roller-chick. This is the first week I've drawn with them, but hopefully I'll be invited to compete again! :)


Monkey Taunts Tiger

This is a piece I did for this month's sketch themes blog, real quick. Just to get the idea across. It's based on those videos on Youtube of the monkeys slapping the tigers and getting away with it! Amazingly funny.


Flash Test

Playing around in Flash. Actually trying to enjoy some of my animating...

Flash Test from Adam Temple on Vimeo.


Friendly Commision

Here's a pin-up piece I painted for a friend of mine. I was pretty happy with it, and so were her friends!


Avatar vs Avatar!

I don't usually put up random bits on this blog, but today I'm consumed with anticipation for the two new Avatar movies! I just looked into the rumors of a "blue avatar" and lo and behold! James Cameron's new film!! Now, Avatar: The Last Airbender, which now is just called "The Last Airbender", is what I would usually associate the Avatar title with, so I'd say James has his work cut out for him - marketing-wise, except for that he cashes in on the first release and now sole use of said title. The Last Airbender is being directed by M. Night, which is also some interesting competition! I'd like to set up a poll on this to see what people expect from the two formidable directors, and who will come out with the better picture....but first I'm going to have to learn how to set that up....soon! And then feel free to vote. For now I'll do my best with info and links to fuel this battle of giants!

James Cameron: Sci-Fi God, "Aliens", "Abyss", "Terminator", "Titanic"
Film- Avatar, which he wrote and directed and probably controlled most of the prod-design.
(Watch Xenogenesis, his student film, because I think he painted the intro)
-release date - Dec. 18, 2009 - currently in post production

link: http://www2.avatarmovie.com/

M. Night Shyamalan: Story Phenom, "The Sixth Sense", "The Village", "The Happening"
Film- The Last Airbender - Based off of the hugely successful Anime series, "Avatar". The screenplay is NOT written by Shyamalan, but by the creators of the series: Micheal Dante Dimartino, and Bryan Konietzko
-release date- July 2, 2010 - currently in post - giving Cameron's Avatar a wide berth

link: http://www.thelastairbendermovie.com/

As if that doesn't look badass...!


Stoked Stuff

I recently applied to work on the new Fresh show, Stoked, and these were my submissions for the Design and Animation Test. Looking back on them now I think they could use a lot of improvement, but alas the lazyiness, it had its hold on me.

Animation Test - Stoked from Adam Temple on Vimeo.


Action Test in Maya

Here's a 3D test I did recently. It was hard getting used to the rig, so I messed up a lot, but it's one of my only attempts at 3D so far. It was kind of like playing with GI Joes...for hours. Enjoy.

Maya Playblast - Action - 1 from Adam Temple on Vimeo.


Sketchblog posts...

Thanks for all the great comments on the Film everbody! I just wanted to let you know I've joined a Sketchblog that you might like to check out! There are plenty of talented artists and lots of diversity in the posts! These pics are from previous themes on that blog...now I've got to come up with a pirate for this month!



My fourth year film: Adumu. This is not the final version, as I am currently having the very talented Dan Rodrigues finish up the score, so you'll see a new version soon, but I just wanted to post something. Enjoy.

Adumu from Adam Temple on Vimeo.



Something new I've been playing around with, but I'm not ready to finalize the writing because I've still got plenty of research to do, and nothing really finalized yet. I'm writing a comic on the Adventures of Young Sherlock Holmes, and will possibly be producing some episodes in animatic-form, with select bits of full animation. I'm sure it will be slow going, but it will be great to have something with a large arc to occupy my spare time. This is all preliminary work...Hope to share more soon!


Working Demo Reel

Untitled from Adam Temple on Vimeo.

Demo reel - boring version without music or fancy effects...


Film promo

Just a quick poster idea for this year's flipbook page.