First Post From the Road

 It has been hell trying to find Photoshop in Central America, so I finally just snapped a few drawings and did my best with a laptop that had it....fingerpads! Ouch! So here are a few of the sketches of people and places I've seen on my travels....Honzo baby! I love it.



I'm off to Central America for a bit, then hopefully I'll get in some of Asia...I'll post sketches n stuff from the road when I can, but mostly I'll be takin er easy! Whoot! Thankyou to everyone who follows this blog, you've helped keep me motivated this past year. :)


Cowboys are cool.

I say I enjoyed that. But I still can't replicate my values from Photoshop!!! rrrgh



I finally got around to painting for my friends...starting with my bff...who oddly enough, wanted to see Tinkerbell in the Army. Well, here it is Scott, hope you like it.



I've been on a Western fix lately. Some great movies from the spagetti westerns to the modern day films like Appaloosa and Tombstone inspired these.


Cool Guys Don't Look @ Explosions

I've been a little lazy with posting lately, so tonight I tried some new brushes to get me painting. I should also give credit to Freddy Carrasco for style here, because he got me drawing with markers which is awesome, and forced me to work on my simplification. Crazy designer, watch this boy: http://www.freddycarrasco.com/

ps. I just noticed I completely forgot to paint any debris in this explosion. Lets just pretend that this cool guy's hobby is blowing up home-made bombs at 3 am after the bar that basically desintegrate.


New Demo

Adam Temple Demo Reel '10 from Adam Temple on Vimeo.

This is still in construction, so any criticism is greatly appreciated! Hopes y'all enjoy!


Morning Concept

Would someone please tell me why my colors always get way darker when I save a jpeg out of photoshop, and if there is any way to make a small file with correct colorÉ

This Week's Sketches

A poor week; however, felts have been a fun new tool in my arsenal.


Monkeying around. Sketching while watching animation.


Zigga Wha?

A rough of something I wanted to paint...not quite working yet.


Ink Lifedrawings.

For anyone wondering why this chick is half off the page ^ Her face didn't work out. It gets tricky wit de inks. Top and bottom-middle are col-erase.


Day @ the Zoo

Kinda frustrating day at the Zoo today. Hot and sticky, but worth the change in scenery. I gotta do more animal stuff.


A-Team's good fun,

Just saw the A-Team. Good movie overall, really likable characters. So I was inspired to create my own "Hannibal." When I see him I think of that Sean Connery knock-off design Campbell did in Dangergirl. SO bomb. This bland gent is outta me head tho, mostly trying to paint in this two-light-source style that those like Marko Djurdjevic like to do. Trying being the key word. Night!



More lifedrawings...some I make curvey, some I just analyze. I'm still struggling with breaking away from rendering.

One of my favorite villians..

This role made me a fan of Daniel Day Louis. He steals the show. - Quick paint while chilling out.



Drinkin & Drawin Streetfighter w da boys.


Shakin Off the LD Rust

I've been a couple times to TSA in the last couple weeks. It was a cold realization. No talking. Few short poses...10 bucks a session. I miss school! But I am happy to be lifedrawing a bit again.


Trying somethin out.

So I've been workin in Flash for a few months now, and I'm starting to feel comfortable, so I thought I'd take a drawing I did and make it move. It's nothing pretty, but it moves, and it was fun to do and learn from. I really enjoy working in Flash more now, because it's satisfying to know you really only need to draw something once. So here's my design walking and the sketch that it was based on. Happy long weekend everyone!

Flash Character Design - Goblin from Adam Temple on Vimeo.


Feudal Market

A sketchy idea I was working on... I included process thinking I'd take this further....but for now I'm bored.


Sketchbook doodles.

Sketches from my almost finished sketchbook. I love thin sketchbooks. Hope you enjoy.