DDF #25

I've been posting absolute shit since I came on holiday, but I always like this type of design. Thought I'd share. It's the heat man! Impossible to draw! I finally started putting a piece of paper under my hand to draw....never done that before as bad as that sounds.


DDF - 11

Just a little hedgehog hawking blood daimonds...

DDF - 10

Sooo today I was trying new things...trying to get this Mongol Falconer done for Ian Macdonald who absolutely aced one the other day. And he was kind enough to draw a character of mine you should def go check out. I tried a new brush or two, painted on filters, and generally noodled too much, but that's the image in my head! This falconer and falcon are a symbiotic unit in battle. I bet it goes for the eyes.


DDF - 9

I couldn't do the African animals and leave out the good 'ol Honeybadger!

DDF - 8

Rhino day! I swear I could do 28 more days of rhinos and be perfectly content.


DDF - 7

Today I tried to keep restrained, and I'm enjoying the results so far. This gangsta's a hyena, and I figure he's a joke a minute foot soldier, working his way up the ranks. He'll probably catch a stray bullet somewhere mid-joke.


DDF - 6

New series! Animal gangsters! This hatchet man is mostly just muscle, and fat. I kept thinking of the butcher guy from Boardwalk Empire. Anyway, just a glorified sketch because I could be bothered to ink it, and don't have the time to fully paint him - (I'm slow)


DDF - 5 - Maleficent!

Herro all you happy drawerers! Today's sketch is TRUE fan art! Maleficent scared the shit outta me when I was a kid, and we ALL know, that she'd of course become a high-ranking general in Hell, so there she is, all pimped out and badass. Seeya! Back to work :P


DDF - 4

Whelp... I hate my computer. And my scanner, and here's what has happened. This is my female lead from Can-of-Worms. That's right, I do fan art for my own shit! PAAAthetic. I'm actually geeking out more over Kevin Nelson's piece from a couple years ago : here. Try as I might, I couldn't find a more dynamic pose, so I settled on this. Hey Kevin! Let me draw under you! :)

DDF - 3

Another of Hell's Generals! This one has a penchant for Japanese shit! Then I got a little spikey, a little sloppy, and realized I'd better paint him. That went well, not. Fun practice though. I really need to get some brushes on this computer... Hope you guys had a good day 3!



Today's Daily Draw was inspired by matadors. I started drawing this demon and then wanted a decorative coat. I think it's kind of ironic that he's got horns and the coat...I think of him as one of Hell's generals, but ultimately I'm pretty unsatisfied with today's design. There's always tomorrow!


Day1 - DDF

Heeeeey, here's day one! I'm gunna post erry day this month. Maybe not this realized each time, but I hope to do some more designs that I'd like. It's gunna be a GRIND! Night :)