CTN - Booth XT51

Hey gang. Just wanted to let anyone who follows this blog anymore know that I'll be at CTN this year, and I'll have printed my webcomic into a small tomb. Please come say Hi! I'll be in the New Talent section. Cheers!

By the way, if you wanna catch up on the story so far, the link is on the side, or here....   http://canofworm.weebly.com


Batman fan fic...

So I've been watching a lot of The Newsroom, which is an awesome show, and for some reason I thought of Batman. What with America policing the world again, or about to, I thought, wouldn't it be great if Batman did it instead? The guy's a paragon of virtue! So this is just a little fantasy I cooked up with totally half baked ideas about what he'd start with, and his attitude in such a case. My apologies to anyone this might offend, it is purely meant as a flight of fancy. (Which is what men in tights were designed for!)