Cool Guys Don't Look @ Explosions

I've been a little lazy with posting lately, so tonight I tried some new brushes to get me painting. I should also give credit to Freddy Carrasco for style here, because he got me drawing with markers which is awesome, and forced me to work on my simplification. Crazy designer, watch this boy: http://www.freddycarrasco.com/

ps. I just noticed I completely forgot to paint any debris in this explosion. Lets just pretend that this cool guy's hobby is blowing up home-made bombs at 3 am after the bar that basically desintegrate.


New Demo

Adam Temple Demo Reel '10 from Adam Temple on Vimeo.

This is still in construction, so any criticism is greatly appreciated! Hopes y'all enjoy!


Morning Concept

Would someone please tell me why my colors always get way darker when I save a jpeg out of photoshop, and if there is any way to make a small file with correct colorÉ

This Week's Sketches

A poor week; however, felts have been a fun new tool in my arsenal.


Monkeying around. Sketching while watching animation.