Zigga Wha?

A rough of something I wanted to paint...not quite working yet.


Ink Lifedrawings.

For anyone wondering why this chick is half off the page ^ Her face didn't work out. It gets tricky wit de inks. Top and bottom-middle are col-erase.


Day @ the Zoo

Kinda frustrating day at the Zoo today. Hot and sticky, but worth the change in scenery. I gotta do more animal stuff.


A-Team's good fun,

Just saw the A-Team. Good movie overall, really likable characters. So I was inspired to create my own "Hannibal." When I see him I think of that Sean Connery knock-off design Campbell did in Dangergirl. SO bomb. This bland gent is outta me head tho, mostly trying to paint in this two-light-source style that those like Marko Djurdjevic like to do. Trying being the key word. Night!



More lifedrawings...some I make curvey, some I just analyze. I'm still struggling with breaking away from rendering.

One of my favorite villians..

This role made me a fan of Daniel Day Louis. He steals the show. - Quick paint while chilling out.



Drinkin & Drawin Streetfighter w da boys.


Shakin Off the LD Rust

I've been a couple times to TSA in the last couple weeks. It was a cold realization. No talking. Few short poses...10 bucks a session. I miss school! But I am happy to be lifedrawing a bit again.