Avatar vs Avatar!

I don't usually put up random bits on this blog, but today I'm consumed with anticipation for the two new Avatar movies! I just looked into the rumors of a "blue avatar" and lo and behold! James Cameron's new film!! Now, Avatar: The Last Airbender, which now is just called "The Last Airbender", is what I would usually associate the Avatar title with, so I'd say James has his work cut out for him - marketing-wise, except for that he cashes in on the first release and now sole use of said title. The Last Airbender is being directed by M. Night, which is also some interesting competition! I'd like to set up a poll on this to see what people expect from the two formidable directors, and who will come out with the better picture....but first I'm going to have to learn how to set that up....soon! And then feel free to vote. For now I'll do my best with info and links to fuel this battle of giants!

James Cameron: Sci-Fi God, "Aliens", "Abyss", "Terminator", "Titanic"
Film- Avatar, which he wrote and directed and probably controlled most of the prod-design.
(Watch Xenogenesis, his student film, because I think he painted the intro)
-release date - Dec. 18, 2009 - currently in post production

link: http://www2.avatarmovie.com/

M. Night Shyamalan: Story Phenom, "The Sixth Sense", "The Village", "The Happening"
Film- The Last Airbender - Based off of the hugely successful Anime series, "Avatar". The screenplay is NOT written by Shyamalan, but by the creators of the series: Micheal Dante Dimartino, and Bryan Konietzko
-release date- July 2, 2010 - currently in post - giving Cameron's Avatar a wide berth

link: http://www.thelastairbendermovie.com/

As if that doesn't look badass...!