Finally got some Pacific Rim fan art done. I was working on an animation that I put aside, cuz DAMN these guys are line-heavy! I hope to finish it still… Come say Hi in a couple days at CTN if you're around Burbank! Cheers!


CTN - Booth XT51

Hey gang. Just wanted to let anyone who follows this blog anymore know that I'll be at CTN this year, and I'll have printed my webcomic into a small tomb. Please come say Hi! I'll be in the New Talent section. Cheers!

By the way, if you wanna catch up on the story so far, the link is on the side, or here....   http://canofworm.weebly.com


Batman fan fic...

So I've been watching a lot of The Newsroom, which is an awesome show, and for some reason I thought of Batman. What with America policing the world again, or about to, I thought, wouldn't it be great if Batman did it instead? The guy's a paragon of virtue! So this is just a little fantasy I cooked up with totally half baked ideas about what he'd start with, and his attitude in such a case. My apologies to anyone this might offend, it is purely meant as a flight of fancy. (Which is what men in tights were designed for!)



Inkin practice continues....

Messin with my brushes some more.... I just started inking and I've never used blacks. It is Difficult! Great fun though, I recommend to anyone who likes to clean drawings to start drawing with a brush. It's so crispy! This guy's a vampire - incognito at the moment other than the pointy ears.


"Too High"

This was a piece I showed at last week's "Time of the Month" show in Toronto. It's based on one of my favorite rappers', "Lil' Dicky" songs, "Too High" - check it out!


Mongol practice..

Some loose character design practice... very inspired by Jesse Aclin's soldier characters...(link) and my faves are always the Mongols. Imagine back in the day, this guy was the F-22 of warfare. If you've never listened to the Hardcore History podcast about the Khans, I highly recommend.


More people sketching...

More people that can be seen around here...


Queen W

Trying something a little different for a new project. Inked in brush. Colored in PS. Something I'm very interested in doing more of...

Also! I just started a Facebook page! Please stop by and "Like" my page to see new art in your FB feed!
*Link >>   https://www.facebook.com/artofadamtemple


Getting back into it

Too lazy to really finish this…May come back to the idea though...



Old concept, new design exploration...


Motorcity animation

Motorcity Rough Animation from Adam Temple on Vimeo.

I'm about to start working with Titmouse again, and I haven't really had the chance to share work I did last year on Motorcity, so here's a compilation of some of the scenes I animated. I did rough animation in Flash, and it was really fun working with some of these characters.

Korra Kung Fu Test from Adam Temple on Vimeo.

Another piece of animation I did just last week was this bit of kung fu-tumbling. It was a test for Nick's Legend of Korra.


Comic tests..

Hey guys! Long time no speak! I just got back to work after a wonderful a hiatus surfing in El Salvador. These are some comic pages I did as a sample for a European publisher...sadly it hasn't been picked up yet. Soon! Hopefully....


DDF #25

I've been posting absolute shit since I came on holiday, but I always like this type of design. Thought I'd share. It's the heat man! Impossible to draw! I finally started putting a piece of paper under my hand to draw....never done that before as bad as that sounds.


DDF - 11

Just a little hedgehog hawking blood daimonds...

DDF - 10

Sooo today I was trying new things...trying to get this Mongol Falconer done for Ian Macdonald who absolutely aced one the other day. And he was kind enough to draw a character of mine you should def go check out. I tried a new brush or two, painted on filters, and generally noodled too much, but that's the image in my head! This falconer and falcon are a symbiotic unit in battle. I bet it goes for the eyes.


DDF - 9

I couldn't do the African animals and leave out the good 'ol Honeybadger!

DDF - 8

Rhino day! I swear I could do 28 more days of rhinos and be perfectly content.


DDF - 7

Today I tried to keep restrained, and I'm enjoying the results so far. This gangsta's a hyena, and I figure he's a joke a minute foot soldier, working his way up the ranks. He'll probably catch a stray bullet somewhere mid-joke.


DDF - 6

New series! Animal gangsters! This hatchet man is mostly just muscle, and fat. I kept thinking of the butcher guy from Boardwalk Empire. Anyway, just a glorified sketch because I could be bothered to ink it, and don't have the time to fully paint him - (I'm slow)


DDF - 5 - Maleficent!

Herro all you happy drawerers! Today's sketch is TRUE fan art! Maleficent scared the shit outta me when I was a kid, and we ALL know, that she'd of course become a high-ranking general in Hell, so there she is, all pimped out and badass. Seeya! Back to work :P


DDF - 4

Whelp... I hate my computer. And my scanner, and here's what has happened. This is my female lead from Can-of-Worms. That's right, I do fan art for my own shit! PAAAthetic. I'm actually geeking out more over Kevin Nelson's piece from a couple years ago : here. Try as I might, I couldn't find a more dynamic pose, so I settled on this. Hey Kevin! Let me draw under you! :)

DDF - 3

Another of Hell's Generals! This one has a penchant for Japanese shit! Then I got a little spikey, a little sloppy, and realized I'd better paint him. That went well, not. Fun practice though. I really need to get some brushes on this computer... Hope you guys had a good day 3!



Today's Daily Draw was inspired by matadors. I started drawing this demon and then wanted a decorative coat. I think it's kind of ironic that he's got horns and the coat...I think of him as one of Hell's generals, but ultimately I'm pretty unsatisfied with today's design. There's always tomorrow!


Day1 - DDF

Heeeeey, here's day one! I'm gunna post erry day this month. Maybe not this realized each time, but I hope to do some more designs that I'd like. It's gunna be a GRIND! Night :)


Midnight doodle

While watching Hellboy -



I finally made one of these... an influence map, that is far from complete, really, but I'd need a lot more squares... This represents a lot of the biggest ones for me though. From top-left to bottom:

Hayao Miyazaki - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Bill Waterson - Calvin and Hobbes
Glen Keane - All his Disney characters and animation
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad
Emmanuel Klotz, boards, Albert Pereira-Lazaro directed - Lascars
Toshihiro Kawamoto, designed, Shinichiro Watanabe, directed: - Cowboy Bebop
Enrico Marini - Scorpion
Belladona - Pierre Alary
And last, but obviously more likely most than least - Milt Kahl, the grandmaster of the Nine Old Men, who animated and designed so much of the first golden age of Disney films - his sensibilities were imprinted on me since I learned to hold a pencil.

There's so much great art out there, these things are so unfair. Anyway, that's it. If you haven't seen all of these for yourself - get a move on!


DDF Approaches

Hey guys! I don't know if you've heard, but it's almost February, and that means Satellite Soda is holding their annual daily-draw-february marathon. I'm going to try to post a drawing everyday. I'm holding off on continuing Can of Worms so that I'll have time, so sorry to anyone that cared! Come join in the fun! I sketched this up as more warm-up for this epic event!


Midnight Mongol

Just a late night doodle. I can never draw enough of these guys, hard as they are. I recently listened to all the Hardcore History podcast on the great Khans. Really interesting stuff. I imagine something like this when they cross the mountains into Europe to wreak havoc. Frickin bosses! Night!


Christmas paintings

Here are a couple paintings I did this Christmas for my parents. They took a while, made me pull my hair out, but I'm glad they finally have pieces devoted to them. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!
Hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday!


Mobile Unit - 1

Oh we goin global baby... (I've long since wanted to get a case for taking my work with me, and it was just finished today! Yes!) Now I can work from anywhere in the world with decent internet connection. Need freelance?


Can-of-Worms - Til Next Year!

Can of Worms has been getting heavy! I gotta get back to some other projects, so this is the last panel for the year. I'll be back after my Christmas break - with more magic! (This guy's not just a human Zippo) Hope everyone has a great holiday! Cheers!   


Toons on Tap 12-11-12

We had a great model at Toons on Tap tonight, Sergio. Great practice for flowy drapery.


Subway 12-09-12

Just some more sketches. Today I messed around with markers. They can be unforgiving on a bumpy subway, but very fun all the same.


More sketching ~

Haha! I just noticed "That guy" points to Michele. She does like to call herself a lady-boy though, lol. More subway sketches this week. I'm really starting to enjoy drapery - I've also been trying to practice a more detailed style. (I wanna draw more comic books) So if you're a publisher or writer reading this, Hey! I'll draw your book. :)


Oh Hai!

Hey folks, I'm back home and drawing again. Here's some subways sketches to shake off the rust. I didn't draw at ALL on my holiday. It was nice.



Hey guys, been a while! I've just been wrapping up work, and I thought I'd leave any Can of Worms readers with a glimpse into the future. I'm off to Asia tomorrow...will be my first time. I'm pretty hyped. I wanted to try a watercolor panel...I've been reading the new Blacksad...and honestly I don't know how he does it. This kicked my ass. I think it takes a lot of patience. Ciao!


My tough brother...

My little brother is one tough son of a bitch. Last night a crackhead broke into my mom's house while he was staying over and he chased the guy out. Apparently there was some sort of mix up, because my brother was then accosted by this guy with accusations of debts and drugs (he's not that kind of guy) and attacked with a screwdriver. He took a stab to the head, the arm, and a few shots to the body in the ensuing fight, but managed to fight the guy off in the end and run away to call 911. It was a close one, and I feel very thankful to still have a little brother. This is not a sketch to glamorize the violence in my brother, but his fighting spirit. If he hadn't fought tooth and nail (he bit him good), he'd probably be dead now, so you stay scrappy Scott! I hope you heal up quick and forget this nasty business.


Brigada! Last week - Get your copy!

Here's my submission for Enrique Fernandez' Brigada fan art contest. I don't usually do fan art, but this is a cause I really support. Amazing artist drawing amazing comics, all on the funding of the people. Truly inspirational.

Go here to get a copy of Brigada;


Making of post - Can of Worms

Here's a little "making of" post for my webcomic. Now I know ppl hate it when a lot of steps are jumped just to save space or whatever, but I can pretty much tell you how I did what you can't see.

I start with a thumbnail for composition, then I refine that in red a little before I print. I then ink the panel; with quill generally, (I love quills), and scan it back into Photoshop. I tend to prefer paper for inking as apposed to my cintiq because I can't zoom, and I otherwise have no self control. Once I get the panel scanned you simply increase the value of Reds in Hue and Saturation in PS, and you've got clean linework. I also use a handy little filter from Flaming Pear, called Ghost - that takes out the white, and my linework is then truly isolated. I paint under that layer, usually in grey, and I adjust the hues with adjustment layers. In this case I'd also color the line to match whatever hue that was...add finishing touches like pupils and shine here and there....(eyes are finicky, so zoom is good) and viola. A panel.

Thanks for reading! Hope you're enjoying the story so far.


For me brah. Happy Birthday Brah.
This is his inspiration. That swarthy ol' pirate Captain Morgan, and the little ship off the Captain Black cigarillo case. Two things my brother has shared much with.