Avatar Post 2 - Triumph

Well I just finished watching Avatar, and my hopes for this movie were almost completely realized. In some ways more than. A more beautiful movie arguably doesn't exist... and the emotions portrayed through the 3D characters is nothing short of amazing. I'm going to watch it again before I blather on...but I urge anyone who likes movies to go see it. A masterpiece.


Concept Practice

I'd like to paint more, and this was the result of a little practice the other night, just touched it up now...but I'm done. I hope to do a few more this winter.


Sketch Challenge1

This week I drew something with the Capcom crew for their weekly sketch-off. Every week they sketch/paint something and they pick the best sketch and that person chooses the next weeks' topic. This week was Roller-chick. This is the first week I've drawn with them, but hopefully I'll be invited to compete again! :)