Making of post - Can of Worms

Here's a little "making of" post for my webcomic. Now I know ppl hate it when a lot of steps are jumped just to save space or whatever, but I can pretty much tell you how I did what you can't see.

I start with a thumbnail for composition, then I refine that in red a little before I print. I then ink the panel; with quill generally, (I love quills), and scan it back into Photoshop. I tend to prefer paper for inking as apposed to my cintiq because I can't zoom, and I otherwise have no self control. Once I get the panel scanned you simply increase the value of Reds in Hue and Saturation in PS, and you've got clean linework. I also use a handy little filter from Flaming Pear, called Ghost - that takes out the white, and my linework is then truly isolated. I paint under that layer, usually in grey, and I adjust the hues with adjustment layers. In this case I'd also color the line to match whatever hue that was...add finishing touches like pupils and shine here and there....(eyes are finicky, so zoom is good) and viola. A panel.

Thanks for reading! Hope you're enjoying the story so far.


For me brah. Happy Birthday Brah.
This is his inspiration. That swarthy ol' pirate Captain Morgan, and the little ship off the Captain Black cigarillo case. Two things my brother has shared much with.


Mam' 1

Still trying to figure out the model for my heroin. I know I should have done this before but better late than never right?


Back at it!

Can of Worms has changed from a daily webcomic to a weekly one...but there'll be more panels each time. It just gives me time to organize myself. The story continues tomorrow!