So I'm goin home for Christmas tomorrow, and I thought I'd post a last sketch....This would be a companion to Gyimah Gariba's wicked Sketchy Dudes pic from a couple weeks ago. I just really wanted to celebrate the amazing group of guys I got to hang out with this year, I don't think that happens too often. Pardon the crappy-ness of the sketch guys - I'm half asleep. I almost drew us as Dirty Mike and the boys from "The Other Guys" (I still think it would be hilarious)


GIF Morph

This is a morph I started a couple months ago.....I turn into Ollie, and he was supposed to turn into a couple other friends of ours, and it was all supposed to loop nicely, but I have too many other things going now to get back to it. I thought I'd post it before I lose it somewhere. Enjoy :)


Another week, another game, & a sketbook dump.

So this week was pretty short, the last page here is one I forgot from before even... but it was fun all the same. I'm going back to BC for Christmas so we'll be playing again in the new year. Also some of the sketches in the top are from the sketchbook I was selling at Fan expo this year. If anyone's interested in buying a copy they're $10 plus shipping, just ask:)


 Just finished another design game with the boys. Fun night, even if I didn't feel on point.


Morning Coffee

Been pretty sick this week. This is another sketch to go with that robber. Everyone needs their coffee breaks!


and another one.

...another drawing from yesterday's session.
I was drawin with the boys today and this and other nonsense came out. Hope everyone's having a fine hump-day!


Last Week's game..

 Another week gone by, another drawing game with friends... This week the subjects picked outta the hat were "Dunken Kung-Fu Monkey"
"Big Booty African Girl"
"Angry Sheikh"
"Grotesquely Obese Cop"
and "Aging MMA Fighter"
The last two drawing here are among the many left in my apartment after the game, the left was done by the awesomely talented Matias Hannecke, and the right was loosely based on big Brock Lesner, by Freddy Carrasco. I'm gunna keep having these games for the sole purpose of snaking these boys drawings for mah collection! :D


Hey folks, been real busy with a new animation gig, but here are a couple drawings from last weeks' sketch jam.. Some catagories picked were "Draconian", "Ultimate Hipster" and "Bulldog Gangster". I won this round! Whoop! So that means Nabeel Mirza and Oliver Merlo owe me shiny new drawerings!
Happy Halloween!


Big Bully

I've never drawn him before, and I usually wouldn't....but my good friend Nabeel Mirza asked to see it, so this is it. Hope everyone had a good weekend :D


Design Gaming fun...

So the other night I had some friends over and we played this simple game I made up. Basically everyone writes down character concepts and they get all mixed up in a hat and you go round for round with your friends designing, and tallying up points as to who's doing the most bad-ass stuff of the evening. I tell you, it was a blast! We had a twenty minute limit on the rounds, and these were the concepts we randomly selected that night. The other madly talented gamers were Oliver Merlo, Freddy Carasco, Gyimah Gariba, and Michele Assarasakorn. We decided at the end that it was a tie between Gyimah and Ollie, so they each got to choose which concept they'd like repeated, and by whom, with a little more polish. Gyimah got me to repeat the Post-Apoc Viking Chick, as you can see, which I feel I could really do better, but we'll be doing this lots more I hope, so I'll have a chance to redeem myself...You'll have to check out the other participants' blogs to see their entries! :P 


..like dinner plates.

I haven't posted in a couple weeks, so here's a cougar study I did in tangent with a larger pose sheet. But I'm really excited to start boarding something, that I'll hopefully be able to post soon :D


Back into my cave...

Fan Expo's done. And it was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our table and bought stuff, you guys kept me in food. Here's a print I'd done for the Expo, however it didn't turn out once printed :P Ah well...


Hot Off the Press!

Whassup yall. These three fine pieces of eye candy will be available in just a few days at the Toronto Fan Expo... My sketchbook is displayed here with those of my boys Oliver Merlo, and Freddy Jesus Carrasco. We'll be chillin in artist alley around A159, with the sketchbooks and prints, drawing things n stuff....should be good. Seeyou there!


Comics WIP

Here's the latest from my toying around with comics. This is just a sample to have at Fan Expo. It's a learning curve, so I'm hoping to get work on a book to flush things out.
 *Colors assisted by the talented Michele Assarasakorn


First Sketchbook! Available @ Fan Expo :)

Fan Expo is a comin! And this will be my first year with a table and something to sell! It's about time. I'll be sharing a table with the uber talented Freddy Carrasco & Olivander Merlo...and we will all be showcasing our first sketchbooks - excitement! - and we will also be drawing dirt cheap caricatures n stuff....so come visit! Here's an animal sketches WIP for the book:


The Tool. Wowzers.

So my good buddy Freddy showed me this web tool for life drawing and animal drawing...and it's amazing! I just spent the last half hour doodling these things and it's addictive. These are all 30 sec to 1 min intervals. I love some of the photos they use....so stoked...

Here is the site... http://www.pixelovely.com/gesture/animalanatomy.php


Pirate Chicky

Do I need a reason? (There was one, which was a bonus)


...some Vikings

I'm just playing with coloring lines and some comic drawing. Hope you enjoy.


Random Doodles

Still trying to figure out how I wanna paint. I've found some neat techniques that I didn't used to use...but nothing can substitute an actual idea...sigh


Umm, a dragon.

This isn't my usual style. I've been oggling Matias Hannecke's work : http://mhannecke.blogspot.com/......and I wanted to do something more graphic like that...


Back in the Studio>!

I'm back from vacation, so here's a warm up painting I did today! Hope everyone's had an excellent 6 months!