First Sketchbook! Available @ Fan Expo :)

Fan Expo is a comin! And this will be my first year with a table and something to sell! It's about time. I'll be sharing a table with the uber talented Freddy Carrasco & Olivander Merlo...and we will all be showcasing our first sketchbooks - excitement! - and we will also be drawing dirt cheap caricatures n stuff....so come visit! Here's an animal sketches WIP for the book:


The Tool. Wowzers.

So my good buddy Freddy showed me this web tool for life drawing and animal drawing...and it's amazing! I just spent the last half hour doodling these things and it's addictive. These are all 30 sec to 1 min intervals. I love some of the photos they use....so stoked...

Here is the site... http://www.pixelovely.com/gesture/animalanatomy.php


Pirate Chicky

Do I need a reason? (There was one, which was a bonus)