Christmas paintings

Here are a couple paintings I did this Christmas for my parents. They took a while, made me pull my hair out, but I'm glad they finally have pieces devoted to them. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!
Hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday!


Mobile Unit - 1

Oh we goin global baby... (I've long since wanted to get a case for taking my work with me, and it was just finished today! Yes!) Now I can work from anywhere in the world with decent internet connection. Need freelance?


Can-of-Worms - Til Next Year!

Can of Worms has been getting heavy! I gotta get back to some other projects, so this is the last panel for the year. I'll be back after my Christmas break - with more magic! (This guy's not just a human Zippo) Hope everyone has a great holiday! Cheers!   


Toons on Tap 12-11-12

We had a great model at Toons on Tap tonight, Sergio. Great practice for flowy drapery.


Subway 12-09-12

Just some more sketches. Today I messed around with markers. They can be unforgiving on a bumpy subway, but very fun all the same.


More sketching ~

Haha! I just noticed "That guy" points to Michele. She does like to call herself a lady-boy though, lol. More subway sketches this week. I'm really starting to enjoy drapery - I've also been trying to practice a more detailed style. (I wanna draw more comic books) So if you're a publisher or writer reading this, Hey! I'll draw your book. :)