Hey folks, been real busy with a new animation gig, but here are a couple drawings from last weeks' sketch jam.. Some catagories picked were "Draconian", "Ultimate Hipster" and "Bulldog Gangster". I won this round! Whoop! So that means Nabeel Mirza and Oliver Merlo owe me shiny new drawerings!
Happy Halloween!


Big Bully

I've never drawn him before, and I usually wouldn't....but my good friend Nabeel Mirza asked to see it, so this is it. Hope everyone had a good weekend :D


Design Gaming fun...

So the other night I had some friends over and we played this simple game I made up. Basically everyone writes down character concepts and they get all mixed up in a hat and you go round for round with your friends designing, and tallying up points as to who's doing the most bad-ass stuff of the evening. I tell you, it was a blast! We had a twenty minute limit on the rounds, and these were the concepts we randomly selected that night. The other madly talented gamers were Oliver Merlo, Freddy Carasco, Gyimah Gariba, and Michele Assarasakorn. We decided at the end that it was a tie between Gyimah and Ollie, so they each got to choose which concept they'd like repeated, and by whom, with a little more polish. Gyimah got me to repeat the Post-Apoc Viking Chick, as you can see, which I feel I could really do better, but we'll be doing this lots more I hope, so I'll have a chance to redeem myself...You'll have to check out the other participants' blogs to see their entries! :P