So I'm goin home for Christmas tomorrow, and I thought I'd post a last sketch....This would be a companion to Gyimah Gariba's wicked Sketchy Dudes pic from a couple weeks ago. I just really wanted to celebrate the amazing group of guys I got to hang out with this year, I don't think that happens too often. Pardon the crappy-ness of the sketch guys - I'm half asleep. I almost drew us as Dirty Mike and the boys from "The Other Guys" (I still think it would be hilarious)


GIF Morph

This is a morph I started a couple months ago.....I turn into Ollie, and he was supposed to turn into a couple other friends of ours, and it was all supposed to loop nicely, but I have too many other things going now to get back to it. I thought I'd post it before I lose it somewhere. Enjoy :)


Another week, another game, & a sketbook dump.

So this week was pretty short, the last page here is one I forgot from before even... but it was fun all the same. I'm going back to BC for Christmas so we'll be playing again in the new year. Also some of the sketches in the top are from the sketchbook I was selling at Fan expo this year. If anyone's interested in buying a copy they're $10 plus shipping, just ask:)