Christmas paintings

Here are a couple paintings I did this Christmas for my parents. They took a while, made me pull my hair out, but I'm glad they finally have pieces devoted to them. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!
Hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday!


Mobile Unit - 1

Oh we goin global baby... (I've long since wanted to get a case for taking my work with me, and it was just finished today! Yes!) Now I can work from anywhere in the world with decent internet connection. Need freelance?


Can-of-Worms - Til Next Year!

Can of Worms has been getting heavy! I gotta get back to some other projects, so this is the last panel for the year. I'll be back after my Christmas break - with more magic! (This guy's not just a human Zippo) Hope everyone has a great holiday! Cheers!   


Toons on Tap 12-11-12

We had a great model at Toons on Tap tonight, Sergio. Great practice for flowy drapery.


Subway 12-09-12

Just some more sketches. Today I messed around with markers. They can be unforgiving on a bumpy subway, but very fun all the same.


More sketching ~

Haha! I just noticed "That guy" points to Michele. She does like to call herself a lady-boy though, lol. More subway sketches this week. I'm really starting to enjoy drapery - I've also been trying to practice a more detailed style. (I wanna draw more comic books) So if you're a publisher or writer reading this, Hey! I'll draw your book. :)


Oh Hai!

Hey folks, I'm back home and drawing again. Here's some subways sketches to shake off the rust. I didn't draw at ALL on my holiday. It was nice.



Hey guys, been a while! I've just been wrapping up work, and I thought I'd leave any Can of Worms readers with a glimpse into the future. I'm off to Asia tomorrow...will be my first time. I'm pretty hyped. I wanted to try a watercolor panel...I've been reading the new Blacksad...and honestly I don't know how he does it. This kicked my ass. I think it takes a lot of patience. Ciao!


My tough brother...

My little brother is one tough son of a bitch. Last night a crackhead broke into my mom's house while he was staying over and he chased the guy out. Apparently there was some sort of mix up, because my brother was then accosted by this guy with accusations of debts and drugs (he's not that kind of guy) and attacked with a screwdriver. He took a stab to the head, the arm, and a few shots to the body in the ensuing fight, but managed to fight the guy off in the end and run away to call 911. It was a close one, and I feel very thankful to still have a little brother. This is not a sketch to glamorize the violence in my brother, but his fighting spirit. If he hadn't fought tooth and nail (he bit him good), he'd probably be dead now, so you stay scrappy Scott! I hope you heal up quick and forget this nasty business.


Brigada! Last week - Get your copy!

Here's my submission for Enrique Fernandez' Brigada fan art contest. I don't usually do fan art, but this is a cause I really support. Amazing artist drawing amazing comics, all on the funding of the people. Truly inspirational.

Go here to get a copy of Brigada;


Making of post - Can of Worms

Here's a little "making of" post for my webcomic. Now I know ppl hate it when a lot of steps are jumped just to save space or whatever, but I can pretty much tell you how I did what you can't see.

I start with a thumbnail for composition, then I refine that in red a little before I print. I then ink the panel; with quill generally, (I love quills), and scan it back into Photoshop. I tend to prefer paper for inking as apposed to my cintiq because I can't zoom, and I otherwise have no self control. Once I get the panel scanned you simply increase the value of Reds in Hue and Saturation in PS, and you've got clean linework. I also use a handy little filter from Flaming Pear, called Ghost - that takes out the white, and my linework is then truly isolated. I paint under that layer, usually in grey, and I adjust the hues with adjustment layers. In this case I'd also color the line to match whatever hue that was...add finishing touches like pupils and shine here and there....(eyes are finicky, so zoom is good) and viola. A panel.

Thanks for reading! Hope you're enjoying the story so far.


For me brah. Happy Birthday Brah.
This is his inspiration. That swarthy ol' pirate Captain Morgan, and the little ship off the Captain Black cigarillo case. Two things my brother has shared much with.


Mam' 1

Still trying to figure out the model for my heroin. I know I should have done this before but better late than never right?


Back at it!

Can of Worms has changed from a daily webcomic to a weekly one...but there'll be more panels each time. It just gives me time to organize myself. The story continues tomorrow!


Motorcity Fan-art

I animate a lot of Tex, so I thought I'd make some fanart. Here's to hopin we get another season!



The gauntlet has been thrown boys. I expect a battle. (I've been having a facebook argument with some friends that started with the age old debate - whether lions or tigers are the more badass of all the cats. It's obviously tigers.) If you'd like to join in this art battle, feel free to direct ppl to your post in the comments. Also, this look is greatly inspired by the wicked designs Kristoffer Mikkelsen has been churning out over at Style 5, check him out!

Hope y'all like the new look of my blog. I thought it was time for a change.


Villian Sketch

Development on a personal project. Would you watch this character?


Toons on Tap

A selection from this weeks "Toons -on- Tap" Pretty great model. She did Zatanna and Wonderwoman, with her own costumes...too bad I wasn't sober enough to do her justice :P


CanofWorms Update

This is my latest panel in Can of Worms. And in the comic, it moves! Link >>


Raven study

I was drawing a raven in Can-of-Worms and realized I needed some study. So today that's my warmup :)



This weeks' theme was Ralph Bakshi. We had a "Miss Hollywould" and that horsefaced character....who was played by a man. After working all day I have to admit after two beer I wasn't at my best, but there ya go.


Just finished this character test for an unnamed video game company. Thought I'd share.


International-Draw-Jam #1

So last night my friends and I got on Skype, mostly for Fred in Japan, to draw together again. It was a really fun game. This time we each did a sketch, then passed it off to one of the other players for clean up. Here's the result of a couple....The top is drawn by Oliver Merlo, and cleaned up by yours truly, and the bottom is drawn by me, and cleaned up by Ollie.


Fucked-Up Friday

We wanted to try a "Fucked up Fridays" just like our idols @ SIXMOREVODKA in the studio today. And apparently I ate beans....or something. Have a good night you crazy people!


"Play" Exhibit tribute.

Hey folks, if you're not busy this Thursday, and you're in Toronto, come to the Mascot! The very talented Michele Assarasakorn is having a show and I did this little guy in tribute. There will be plenty of boozing a blathering. Doors open @ 7!

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/265542640194726/


I'm still plugging away at this comic... and I'm workin on a new painting... Hope everyone's havin a good weekend! Night!


Happy Birthday Michele! =3

Just a birthday card I attempted to whip up for my gf. I would love to do a much better job on this, but I haven't painted something complicated in a while! And it takes time I don't have :P Good to get back into color again though.


Can-of-Worms - Now only on its own site!

So that's the end of what I would call a Prologue. If you'd like to see our heroine start her real adventure!...you can always click the title-card-link to the right....which takes you here. 
I hope you've enjoyed it so far!


Can-of-Worms Day 17

Shit just got real! SO the reason I wanted a few days to get this ready is because it took a little more time to ANIMATE her! It was a ton of fun. All drawn in Flash, and the gradients and transparency capabilities, though simple, really came in handy. No compositing! haha Hope y'all like!


Some lifedrawings from last week's Toons on Tap in Toronto.


Can-of-Worms Day 14

Well folks, I hope you've been enjoying the story so far. I know it's slow, so I'm going to take the next week to get ahead a bit, and prepare you something special for part two of this chapter. And for those that are put off by the grisly nature of this section... It's not all gunna be blood and guts. This is our heroine's origin...so trauma is part and parcel to it. As you might be able to guess by this point, she'll end up with one hell of a grudge, and will soon be off on her heroic journey....to kick ass.

Seeya in a week!