Concept Practice

I'd like to paint more, and this was the result of a little practice the other night, just touched it up now...but I'm done. I hope to do a few more this winter.


Garrett Hanna said...

Nice man, I like the face. Keep doing them!

Trent Correy said...

where do u get all this talent from?
is there any medium/ thing you don't do?
I hope so...it'll leave some work for me.
Booya M.Night

Adam Temple said...

Damn your M.Night! It's so close I can taste it! lol Thanks very much Trent :)

Rick ponte said...

Adam, keep up the awesome work! maybe if, when i become a director ill get u to make my story board cuz i only work with the best.


Trevor Spencer said...

awesome artwork adam!

keep on drawing, painting and sharing :)

Elizabeth said...

woah this is going to haunt me :P very nice rendering . Great peice, cant wait to see more!

Jose Ramos said...

Wonderfull lights and textures , i like this orc!

SEILER said...

Cool Adam!