Dog fight.....kinda

This was really annoying, and it's far from finished, but here's a work in progress. I feel like I just got my ass kicked.
And now that I've started with a process...I'll continue...as this is taking some playing around to save..


Nabs Mirza said...


kalonji said...

hey adam thks passin by to my blog,great work on that one even if its just for the moment a work in progress, can wait to see the end :-))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hmmm challenging...i like it. if it were me here i'd map out the primary light source on a different layer with shadow and let it pass through. it might help you figure out where to detail this image with light first. then drop the shadow layer ...maybe entirely you probably won't really need it here if you are going for that misty look.

i like the dragons expression. there are nice lines in his face,and the griffins wings are nicely decorated :)looks promising